The State of Impact Champions

The State of Impact Champions

On July 18th, 2020 at Slammiversary, there were three title changes (Impact World, X-Divison, and Knockouts Title). The following Tuesday on Impact Weekly the tag team titles changed hands signifying a new era in Impact Wrestling. What’s great about the title changes is that there is a mix of two first time Impact champions (Chris Bey X-Division and Deonna Purrazzo Knockouts Title) and two veteran Impact champions (Eddie Edwards Impact World and Motor City Machine Guns). I will look at each champion looking at what’s currently going on with them involving their respected belt and what could be in store later down the line.


Title defenses 2

July 28th vs Trey Miguel

August 4th vs Sami Callahan

Eddie Edwards who people have said to be the Heart & Soul of Impact has promised to do something that hasn’t been done in a while with the Impact World Title. Make it meaningful and be a fighting champion. Edwards has promised to defend the Impact title every week. He has so far lived to it defending it twice. The question of how long can he hold up as champion defending every week. Time will tell. Possible opponents, I would love to see Edwards go against. Willie Mack, Eric Young, RVD, Ace Austin, Moose, and EC3.

IMPACT KNOCKOUTS TITLE – “The Virtousa” Deonna Purrazzo

Title Defenses 0

Deonna Purrazzo has quickly made a statement to the Knockouts division winning the Knockouts title in a short time. Currently, she awaits #1 contender Kylie Rae “who by the way is stuck at Wrestle House”. When Kylie Rae gets out of the Wrestle House she will get her shot. I’m predicting possibly Kylie gets her shot at Bound For Glory. The Virtuosa do have a major target on her back and that comes from the woman who she beat for the Knockouts Title and that would be Jordynne Grace. Grace wants revenge and her title back and Purrazzo isn’t ready to give that up yet. They will face each other on August 25th, at Emergence Night 2. Keep an eye on Kimber Lee, she has eyes on the Knockouts title too, going as far as making a deal to help Purrazzo get rid of Jordynne Grace in exchange for a Knockouts title shot.


Title Defenses 1

August 21st vs Willie Mack

The Young charismatic X-Divison champion is looking to show the world that he is one of the best to ever hold the title. Chris Bey defeated Willie Mack to win the X-Divison title and turned around and beat him again in a rematch. Currently, now he has TJP to worry about since he tapped out to TJP in a tag team on this past Impact show. If Bey can get past TJP. Who would be next? Maybe the guy Bey teamed with on this past Impact show Rohit Raju, What about all the members of The Rascalz (Dez, Wentz and Trey Miguel). I would love to see a 4 to 5 man Ultimate X match at Bound For Glory with Chris Bey defending the title. How awesome would that be?


The MCMG a legendary Impact tag team made their surprising return on Slammiversary and accepted an open invitation made by The Rascalz. Then the following Tuesday defeated the dominant Impact Tag Team champions The North to end their year-plus reign. The North warned The MCMG that they want their rematch but they will have to wait until they are 100% due to wear and tear from defending the Impact Tag Team titles for a year. So who will be the teams to go after the Impact tag titles in between? The Rascalz could go after the titles. They probably feel they can beat The MCMG for the titles.

Any version of the three of The Rascalz would make a great combination. You have two teams who are currently stuck in The Wrestle House whenever they can get out of there. Those teams would be XXXL and The Dealers. The Good Brothers vs The MCMG would be the match that everyone would most want to see. I see that happening later on down the line. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton could decide to be the team to beat The MCMG. The Impact Tag Team division is deep with good teams and The MCMG will have their hands full trying to retain the tiles.

Title Defenses 0


Title Defenses 7

May 12th vs Suicide

May 19th vs Suicide

June 16th vs Hernandez

June 30th vs Crazzy Steve

July 18th vs Tommy Dreamer

July 21st vs Fallah Bahh

August 4th vs Heath

The TNA World Heavyweight Title isn’t an official title recognized by Impact but i will include it in here because of what’s being done with it. It all started with Moose challenging and beating all of the TNA legends. At first, Moose would only defend the TNA title against original TNA guys. Fallah Bahh and Heath being the only exception.

EC3 has made his return to Impact and he has is eyes set on Moose and the TNA World Heavyweight title. EC3 has mentioned that he has beaten his fair share of TNA legends (Sting, Kurt Angle, and Bully Ray). He wants to beat Moose and win The TNA title to destroy his past so he can move forward. I hope that the winner of EC3 and Moose would have a unification match with the Impact World Champion. I would like to see either EC3 vs Eddie Edwards or Moose vs Eddie Edwards. Both of those matches would be a big time for Impact.

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