Impact Emergence Night 2: Preview and Predictions

Impact Emergence Night 2: Preview and Predictions

On night 1 of Emergence, we saw a lot go down. There was a title change that took place with Rohit Raju winning the X-Divison title in a triple threat match, Moose retaining the TNA World title against Trey Miguel and The Motor City Machine Guns retaining the Impact Tag titles against The North in the main event. The Good Brothers defeated Ace Austin and Madman Fulton in a tag team match. In The Wrestle House, Kylie Rae defeated Taya Valkyrie.

The upcoming Night 2 of Emergence is looking to be just as good if not better then the Night 1. As we will be getting two titles and two big singles matches.

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This match came about last week during Emergence Night 1 when Willie Mack was having a backstage interview with Jimmy Jacobs about Eric Young and his loss against him. Brian Myers then interrupted the Willie Mack interview and took Jimmy Jacobs to a place where Jacobs could interview Myers. Myers was talking about not getting a chance with his past promotion and wanting to prove himself and make a mark. Well, Willie Mack didn’t like the fact he was interrupted by Myers and attacked him. This is how the match was set up.

My Prediction – I’m going with Willie Mack. I was going back and forth will this one because I believe both could use the win. The reason why I picked Mack, was because his feud with Eric Young isn’t over yet. I believe they will have to keep him strong for that feud.

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Last week on Emergence Night 1, EC3 stole the TNA World Heavyweight Title from Moose after Moose’s victory over Trey Miguel. Will we find out why EC3 stole the TNA Title? Does he want a title shot for the TNA Title? Is it something that EC3 wants? What will Moose do after having his title stolen? Whatever happens, it will be exciting to see.

My Prediction – We will get a big confrontation between EC3 and Moose setting up a TNA World Heavyweight Title match at Bound For Glory. I really hope that happens.

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Eddie Edwards will be making his 4th title defense since winning the Impact World Championship at Slammiversary. If anyone has been paying attention. Eddie Edwards wants Eric Young to be the challenger for the Impact Title. Edwards wants nothing more to get Eric Young in the ring to settle a score. Eric Young who hurt Rich Swann and forced him into retirement has a major target on his back from the Impact champion.

I just don’t believe Eric Young is going to be the challenger though. So who could it be then, There are a lot of good options to step up for the Impact title.

Ace Austin could be someone who answers the challenge. He was the one who was the last one to fall to Edwards at Slammiversary. What about Dez and Wentz from The Rascalz? They would like to get a shot at the Impact Title after seeing their stablemate Trey Miguel get opportunities at the Impact and TNA titles. Chris Bey after losing his X-Divison title last week may want to try and go after the Impact title. There are so many choices here. Can’t wait to see who answers the challenge for Edwards Impact title.

My Prediction – For the fun of it I’m choosing RVD. RVD will pose a great challenge to Eddie Edwards for the Impact World Title. RVD will lose to Eddie Edwards due to interference from Sami Callahan who has major grudge with RVD.

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You want to talk about a big-time match. This matchup right here is a big-time match. To me, we have the two best female wrestlers in the Knockout division. These two females have no love for each other. It is a rematch from Slammiversary where The Virtuosa Deonna Purrazzo made Jordynne Grace tap to become Knockouts champion.

For this matchup, it’s going to be a 30 minute Knockout Ironman match. This rivalry is been great. Grace is out for revenge and wants the Knockout title back. The Virtuosa is out to prove once again she is better then Jordynne Grace and she is the true standard of the Knockout division. The winner of this match will have #1 Knockout contender Kylie Rae waiting for them whenever she gets out of The Wrestle House.

My Prediction – Deonna Purrazzo wins 2 falls to 1 fall. I think it’s going to be one hell of a battle. I can’t see The Virtuosa losing the Knockouts title any time soon. This is going to be one of the best matches this year for Impact.

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Also, we will have The Wrestle House. Will we find out who has been taking The Deaners beer in the house? How will Taya Valkyrie react to losing to Kylie Rae last week in The Wrestle House? Will we get a match in the house because it has happened every week? Something crazy is always happening in The Wrestle House.

Will you be watching Emergence Night 2? Let us know!

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