Discussing a Possible AEW Tag League

Discussing a Possible AEW Tag League

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When it comes to the identity of AEW, the first thing people will say is how deep and talented the tag team division is. AEW’s Tag team division has become the absolute biggest asset in the young company’s history.

Just look at the number of great tag teams they have. We can start with the tag champions FTR, who have been perfect since coming to AEW. Then you have great teams like SCU, Best Friends, Young Bucks, Lucha Bros and Santana and Ortiz. What if I had an idea that would help the AEW tag division be even better? Something that would be unlike nearly anything done in American wrestling before?

A great idea would be to an annual All Elite Tag League. How awesome would it be to get together all of these great tag teams and have a yearly tournament? The winner of the All Elite Tag League would become the #1 contender for the Tag Team titles. I mean, who wouldn’t want a Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros block final? We can get a faction battle, Chris Jericho/Jake Hager vs Santana/Ortiz. How about FTR vs Young Bucks? There can be some many fun, exciting matchups that can happen with high stakes involved.

The other good thing about having an All Elite Tag League can be that there are a few tag teams that don’t get enough air time that will get to showcase their skills in this annual tournament. If you need to build up a new tag team or a young, up and coming tag team. You can do so in this tournament. How about bringing in teams from other companies? Teams from NWA, maybe a team from DDT. If, somehow, NJPW and AEW can work out a deal together, we could end up seeing a couple of NJPW teams.

Now, there are many ways they can do this.

Option 1

AEW can have a soccer-style tournament with 16 teams. 4 blocks, with 4 teams in the 1st round. These 4 teams would wrestle each other in the blocks. Then the top two teams in each of the blocks would advance into the single-elimination rounds, seeded based on the records in the last round. Continue until you have a winner.

Here is an example.

1st Round

Block A
Best Friends
Young Bucks
Natural Nightmares

Block B
Brian Cage/Ricky Starks
Brodie Lee/Colt Cabana

Block C
Lucha Bros
Evil Uno/Stu Grayson,
Chris Jericho/Sammy Guevara
Private Party

Block D
Alex Reynolds/John Silver
Joey Janela/Sonny Kiss
Jurassic Express
The Butcher/The Blade

Quarter Finals

Block A – Winner vs Block D – 2nd Place

Block B – Winner vs Block C – 2nd Place

Block C- Winner vs Block B – 2nd Place

Block D – Winner vs Block A – 2nd Place


Winner of the first two quarterfinals matches

Winner of the last two quarterfinal matches


Winner of the two semi-final matches

Option 2

The second type of tournament option would be for AEW to do an NJPW or AJPW style tag league. get 10 to 16 teams in the tournament. Break the teams up into two blocks. Then they would face each other in the blocks. The two winners of the block then face other to determine the winner. You could also have all the tag teams face each other once and the top two teams then face each other in the finals. Example.

Block A – FTR, Best Friends, Young Bucks, Natural Nightmares, Santana/Ortiz, Brian Cage/Ricky Starks, Brodie Lee/Colt Cabana, SCU

Block B – Lucha Bros, Evil Uno/Stu Grayson, Jericho/Sammy, Private Party, Alex Reynolds/John Silver, Joey Jenela/Sonny Kiss. Jurassic Express, The Butcher/The Blade

Finals – Block A winner vs Block B winner

Option 3

If AEW doesn’t want to do a long annual tournament. AEW could just to do a one night Tag Team PPV where you have 8 teams, or up to 16 teams and just have an annual single-elimination style tournament to determine the winner.

I’m sure the AEW fan base or any wrestling fan who loves tag team wrestling would pay to see an annual tag tournament where they will be able to see the best tag division in wrestling in a tournament-style to see who is the best that night.

I would like to know everyone’s opinion on my AEW tag league idea. Would it work in AEW? Would you watch it? Which tournament style will work best for AEW? Let us know!

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