Champion’s Corner – Bakuretsu Sisters

Champion’s Corner – Bakuretsu Sisters

Welcome back to Champion’s Corner, the series where we talk about champions in different promotions. We talk about some of the defences, what is going right in their reign, what is difficult about their reign and more. Today I am talking about the current reign of Princess Tag Champions Yuki Aino and Nodoka Tenma – the Bakuretsu Sisters.

The Bakuretsu Sisters began their first reign as Princess Tag Champions at Wrestle Princess on the 7th of November. They beat DayDream(Rika Tatsumi and Miu Watanabe) in a great emotionally charged match.

Bakuretsu Sisters after winning the championships. Credit (TJPW,CyberFight)

As of writing the Bakuretsu Sisters have defended the Princess Tag Championships against 

  • Toyo University (Yuki Kamifuku and Mahiro Kiryu)
  • Tokyo Joshingers (Hyper Misao & Shin Ultra Shoko)

Defence 1 – Toyo University

After facing each other in an international princess championship match (which Kamiyu won), They called out the Bakuretsu Sister to challenge for the Princess Tag championships. The Bakuretsu Sisters accepted.
These teams were meant to face each other in a number 1 contenders match before Wrestle Princess. However, Kamiyu had a broken finger so Pom Harajuku took her place. The Bakurestsu Sisters won the match and eventually the championships.

The match was set for January 4th at Korakuen Hall.
Credit (TJPW,CyberFight)

In the press conference, Toyo university claimed their bond was much stronger than that of the real-life sisters. The Sisters wanted to hold the championships for a long time because it took them so long to win them.

Press Conference. Credit (TJPW,CyberFight)

The preview matches were pretty even, with the Bakuretsu Sisters getting two victories, including Tenma pinning Kiryu with the Killswitch. Toyo University took one win, although Aino wasn’t teaming with Tenma there.

While the match might have seemed a bit predictable, with the Sisters having just won the tag championships after so long and Kamiyu being the International Princess champion, they still managed to produce a good match with some near falls that suckered me in. Kiryu was targeted by the sisters to keep the IP champion out of the match. Kiryu performed well in the underdog role.

Even having to follow one of the best TJPW matches in 2021 they gave a good match.

The Bakaretsu Sisters won after Nodoka Tenma hit Mahiro Kiryu with the Killswitch. Defence number 1 for the new champions.

Defence 2 – Tokyo Joshingers

The Bakuretsu Sisters wouldn’t have to wait long before they had a new set of challengers: the heroes protecting peace and love in TJPW – Hyper Misao and Shin Ultra Shoko.

Shin Ultra Shoko (who is the alter ego of Shoko Nakajima) wanted to see if the sisters could keep peace in TJPW. Funnily enough, Shin Ultra Shoko was only supposed to last for around for a month (Nakajima lost a loser changes name for a month match). Ultra Shoko told them not to sweat the details.
This would be a tough test for the Sisters as both Shin Ultra Shoko and Hyper Misao had both been tag champions under different personas.

The match was set for the 11th of February in Korakuen Hall.

At the contract signing, Shin Ultra Shoko reminded Misao of her goals. That was to create a TJPW superhero group. She wanted 5 members with the colours red, green, blue, pink and yellow. Both red and green had been taken. While Tenma said she would be the blue ranger, she wanted to be champion more.

Contract Signing. Credit (TJPW,CyberFight)

In a preview match, Nodoka Tenma took on Hyper Misao. Misao pulled out all sorts of dirty tricks. In the end, it was Tenma who was able to pick up the win.

This match was full of shenanigans – in a good way. No outside interference or anything like that, more comedy shenanigans. While many might think it wouldn’t work, it did. Tenma and Aino are a great foil for comedy because they embrace it. While they was a bunch of that (like the Misao mobile with a sidecar for Shoko), The actual wrestling part of the match was good. All 4 are good wrestlers. A lot of fun here. In the Yuki Aino hits the UBV on Shin Ultra Shoko for the win.

What’s gone well in the reign?

Well, I might be a bit bias here because the Bakuretsu Sisters are one of my favourite tag teams right now, but the reign has gone well so far.
Two different types of defences. One more serious, the other more comedy but both were good in their own right.

It was a great moment to see them capture the championships after such a long time. I feel like their determination not to lose the championships so soon shines through really well in the matches so far. That adds a layer to the matches for me. A layer that draws me into their matches more than usual

So far so good for the Bakuretsu Sisters first reign.

What could have been done better?

It might be too early in the reign to say anything much. Maybe not enough defences, but honesty nothing comes to mind. Like I said previously, both matches were different but good in their own way. They carry themselves like champions, and I am really enjoying their reign.

So with regard to what could have been done better? For me, nothing. It’s going great so far.

What’s Next?

As of writing Tokyo Joshi Pro is having themselves a tag team tournament. The max heart tournament (which I wrote about here). The Bakuretsu managed to claim a big scalp and an upset of sorts; beating the Magical Sugar Rabbits in the first round, with Tenma pinning Mizuki. However, they would fall in the second round to the team of Hyper Misao and a newly returned Shoko Nakajima. I am not too sure what the winners of the tournament get, but I am thinking it’s a tag championship shot.

So we will need to wait and see but as of writing, they don’t have any challengers.

Predictions for the rest of the reign.

I honestly see the Bakuretsu Sisters holding on the Princess Tag Team Championships at least till the summer. Maybe even to Wrestle Princess Two. 

My predictions for their challengers are (in no particular order): 

  • NEO Bishiki-Gun
  • Hikari Noa & Sena Shiori 

As for who they will lose to. 

I have two teams in mind. 

First is the team of 121000000 – Miyu Yamashita and Maki Itoh. The two started as rivals and now are unlikely tag partners. Their teamwork is improving all the time, and they are two of the bigger stars in the company. It would be a nice achievement for Miyu who hasn’t won any championships in TJPW apart from the Princess of Princess Championship. It also instantly elevated the championships.

The other team would be BeeStar. The team made up of Suzume and Mirai Maiumi. Both are younger members of the roster with massive upside. Maiumi challenged for the International Princess Championship in February, and Suzume was tasked to guide a rookie through their first match in January. The two have been getting bigger opportunities at the start of 2021. A combination of power and speed.

The Bakuretsu Sisters. Credit (TJPW,CyberFight)

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