AEW Women’s Division Dream Stables

AEW Women’s Division Dream Stables


AEW seems to be leaning into the idea of having bigger factions on the roster, the most notable of these being the Dark Order and the Nightmare Family. I personally am a big fan of factions. I think they can do a lot for storylines and feuds, and in general, are a fun thing to see in wrestling. It makes wrestling feel a bit more like a team sport. 

That being said, though, the women’s roster has been largely left out of these stables. While Dark Order has Anna Jay, and the Nightmare Family has Brandi, most women in AEW are still flying solo. I think this is a real missed opportunity. So, here are some potential ideas for women’s stables in AEW 

(Quick note: all of these names are working titles)

Beast Mode 

Members: Nyla Rose, Abadon, Mel, Diamanté and Ivelisse

If it’s not clear already, this would be a heel stable. Nyla would be the leader of this group, with Abadon as her second in command. Diamanté and Ivelisse would obviously serve as the faction’s tag team competitors. 

Mel, in particular, would greatly benefit from joining a stable. Her original faction, the Nightmare Collective, was dissolved very shortly after Mel joined, leaving her with little direction in AEW. Finding a new stable could very well re-energize her. 

Star Warriors 

Members: Kris Statlander, Hikaru Shida, Big Swole, Riho, (w/ Sonny Kiss)

Admittedly, I thought this faction was on its way to forming last year, after Kris Statlander’s title shot against Riho when Shida, Swole, and Sonny came to the ring to help ward off the Nightmare Collective. All of these wrestlers have very vibrant and fun personalities that I think could compliment each other very well. Kris Statlander would most likely be the leader, as well as one half of the faction’s tag team along with Hikaru Shida. Overall, I think this would be an amazingly fun group to see! 

Team Bombshell 

Members: Penelope Ford, Britt Baker, Rebel, Allie, Tay Conti*

This is another heel faction, though with a much different feel from Beast Mode. While Nyla’s faction would be more brutalistic, the Bombshells would be more savvy. The leader of the faction could honestly be anyone in it. Britt has the most star power, so she’s probably the most likely choice. There are also several tag team possibilities in this team, with Britt + Rebel and Allie + Penelope being the most likely divisions. 

*If Tay Conti doesn’t join Anna Jay in Dark Order. 


As I said before, I love large stables in wrestling. They add a really fun team dynamic to an otherwise largely individual-based sport. I think it’s a real shame that the women of AEW haven’t gotten the chance to form stables of their own yet. Doing so could help build the division as a whole, as it would solidify chemistry between wrestlers and provide a lot of storyline opportunities. 

What factions would you like to see form in AEW? Would you rather have separate men’s and women’s factions, or intergender stables? Feel free to let us know! 

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