A Series of Unlikely Winners: TJPW Princess Cup Tournament Review.

A Series of Unlikely Winners: TJPW Princess Cup Tournament Review.

After a brief break due to a COVID situation with one of the members of the roster, the semis and finals of the TJPW Princess Cup Tournament of 2020 were underway.

It was practically every joshi for herself and every wrestler in the tournament gave their all.

To recap on this tournament, here are our semi finalists and their quarterfinal matchup results.

Quarter Final Matches

Miyu Yamashita vs Hyper Misao
Match Time: 12:38

This match had everything that a fan of both Hyper Misao and Miyu wanted from their typical matches together; humor, some kicks and overall hijinks all around.

But with Miyu’s winning streak already a surprise in this year’s tournament, it was even more of a surprise when after all of the jokes aside (that would normally weaken Mayu down) managed to make her stronger.

Pushing her towards the semi-finals.

Will this continue into her match up with Shoko? We will find out during their semifinal match up review.

Maki Itoh vs Miu Watanabe
Match Time: 11:36

To say that Maki was going better than what others thought she would, would definitely be an understatement. 

From the seriousness she brings with each move given and taken towards opponents to even her entrance.

She is taking this tournament far more seriously than what she has according to previous years.

With the best case being against Miu, hypothetically a previous stronger competitor against her who was defeated without any chance of a comeback. 

Many fans hope that she can overcome her challenge in Mizuki, but will she finally have the strength to after many years?

Mizuki vs Yuki Aino
Match Time: 11:27

If it wasn’t for Mizuki’s star power during this tournament, Yuki would have made it to the semi finals.

With this match making a great example of both wrestlers and their individual abilities; Mizuki with experience and Yuki slowly becoming the future of Tokyo Joshi.

However, it’s the experience that counters the growing nature of Yuki’s one talent with Mizuki moving onto the semi finals against her old partner, Maki Itoh.

With past grievances unsolved, will they finally be resolved in their semi-final match up?

Shoko Nakajima vs Natsumi Maki
Match Time: 10:49

With Natsumi’s not surprising win streak coming into the quarterfinals it was a shock to see Shoko’s surprising win over her.

But with Shoko’s rise after her fall in 2018, she was always on the up and up in regards to ability.

But now, against an old rival in Miyu, will the up continue? Or will this be the year once again without a Shoko win in the Princess Cup?

Only time will tell.

After those match ups, this is what the current bracket looks like.

Semi Final Bracket – Credit TJPW

Let’s get onto the semis and the final of this tournament!

Semi Final Matches

Mizuki vs Maki Itoh
Time: 12:58
Winner: Mizuki

From the start of their match up it was intense as their last, knowing the history between the two it wasn’t an overall surprise that they didn’t start too friendly. 

But in terms of who started strong between the two?

Maki definitely had the upper hand with built up strikes and work along the outside to target Mizuki’s back in order to weaken her as an opponent. 

However, when it comes to the work of Maki and Mizuki as competitors, the aggression only grows with each defense and offense.

With a strong comeback from Mizuki’s part around the six minute mark of the match.

Throughout the entire matchup, Yuka was always seconding Mizuki, giving her constant support and encouragement to keep going and to achieve what she needed to do in order to win against Maki.

But with the support of Yuka and the relationship still on unsure ground between Mizuki and Maki, would Mizuki manage to achieve it?

Or did Maki push herself to her ultimate limit?

With the cutie special Mizuki manages to get the win against Maki and manages to move onto the final round.

However, that isn’t all that happened afterwards.

With the win sealed there was an unsurety of what Maki and Mizuki would do afterwards.

But with a hand stretched out via Maki towards Mizuki, there was a temporary peace between the two.

Respect towards someone who truly deserved it and forever sealing that ‘Itoh Respect Is For Life’.

Miyu Yamashita vs Shoko Nakajima
Time: 15:37
Winner: Shoko

If you look into Miyu and Shoko’s matchups in the past, you can tell that they start off very similar in regards to technique and movement.

Mainly focusing the start to dedicate to ground based movements more than standing.

But they had no clear dominant started between the two which gave both of them an even advantage to win.

However in regards to the history of their win/loss record together, Shoko had the clear upper hand between her and Miyu.

A Serious Strike From Miyu (credit @extremeparty)

But unlike the previous semi final match up of Mizuki and Maki, Miyu and Shoko’s main goal was focused on the finals of the tournament rather than the feelings, which has been their mindset in the past.

There was a shift of control between the two between the latter parts of the match, with Miyu taking control at the seven minute mark and the twelve minute mark while Shoko returned back to it on the eight minute mark and towards the end of the match up with each control gaining more aggression in movement.

With the high knee towards the end from Miyu, we thought we would see her streak of bad luck from tournaments finally clear up. But with Shoko’s tight roll up into a Northern Lights, it was over for Miyu and her streak.

Until next year. 

Final Match

Shoko Nakajima vs Mizuki
Time: 16:10
Winner: Mizuki

Possibly the first ever final between two previous winners of the tournament, their bout is one that can be described as respectful from the very beginning. with a solid shake of hands in the middle and an equal power balance to a forceful start of the final match up.

However Shoko easily had the upper hand advantage during the earliest points of the match up.

Mainly working and focusing all attention on Mizuki’s back which had been previously messed with by Maki during their semi final bout. 

From a massive bump to the edge of the ring to massive strikes to Mizuki’s back, Shoko had the power she needed to take down Mizuki for a win after five years.

(credit @extremeparty)

But Mizuki gained strength to dominate the latter half of the match up from the six minute mark.

Ranging from submission holds to attacks, she really proved herself to overcome the challenges that faced her alongside a support in Yuka at ringside.

With a pinfall Mizuki becomes the first ever back to back champion of the Princess Cup in Tokyo Joshi history.

Proving herself to be stronger than what she was before with an equally strong match between both competitors.

Overall Review

For a first time viewing of Tokyo Joshi’s tournament season, this year showed the power that their roster brings

With each of the competitors giving it their all compared to match ups earlier in the year.

There were definitely some wins that fans were surprised by.

With the winning streak of semi finalists: Maki and Miyu for one and how they proved until their final matches how serious they were in this tournament compared to other years.

In this similar frame there were the wins of Natsumi, Yuki and Hyper Misao.

Which made them shine ever so brightly with their competitors and proved all three to be legitimate threats for the Puri Puri title.

But it was Mizuki who overcame the odds of everyone and became the second ever double champion of the tournament after former Tokyo Joshi roster member, Yuu.

An Emotional Win (credit @ddtpro_eng)

But what does this mean for the future?

After a hug shared between Mizuki and her partner, Yuka, Yuka set a date for them to compete for the Puri Puri title.

November 7th at their first ever ‘Wrestle Princess’ event at Tokyo Dome City Hall.

And it will truly be an emotional time leading up to that point and we all hope that they can separate their love for one another and the title.

Catch up on the Princess Cup Tournament on ddtpro.com/universe

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