A Look At The Championships Of Stardom

A Look At The Championships Of Stardom

Stardom is one of the top Joshi companies, it’s been going since 2011, and was founded in 2010. Here is a brief summary of all the Championships within Stardom

World Of Stardom Championship

The World of Stardom Championship is the top Championship of the company the Championship was introduced June 26th 2011 with Nanae Takahashi crowned the inaugural Champion. The Championship is known as “Red Belt” a name famously used by All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling to refer to their WWA World Single Championship. Ten wrestlers have held the Championship, with current Champion – Mayu Iwantani on her second reign.

  • Inaugural Champion – Nanae Takahashi (602 days) – defeated Yoki Bito in the finals in a four women tournament at Stardom x Stardom (July 24th 2011 – March 17th 2013)
  • Most Reigns – Io Shirai (two reigns 468 days and 546 days) – defeated Alpha Female (April 29th 2013) at Cinderella Tournament and defeated Meiko Satomura (December 23rd 2015) at Stardom Yearend Climax and Mayu Iwatani (two reigns 95 days and 280+ days) defeated Io Shirai (April 21st 2016) at Galaxy Stars 2017 and defeated Bea Priestly (November 4th 2019) at Best Of Goddesses
  • Longest Reign – Nanae Takahashi (602 days)
  • Shortest Reign – Alpha Female (34 days) defeated Nanae Takahashi (March 17th 2013) at Cinderella Tournament
  • Current Champion – Mayu Iwatani (280+ days, second reign)

Wonder Of Stardom Championship

The Wonder of Stardom Championship is the secondary title in Stardom behind the World of Stardom Championship. Like the World Of Stardom Championship, it too takes its name from All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling Championship, this one being referred to as “White Belt” like AJW’s All Pacific Championship. The original Championship was awarded to inaugural Champion Yuzuki Aikawa the night she retired in 2013 it was replaced with an identical Championship that night. To start off with, only wrestlers with Stardom could challenge for the Championship, but that stipulation was dropped in 2013 and when Santana Garrett won the Championship in 2015. She defended it in America on the Independent Scene, those defences were recognised by Stardom. Eleven wrestlers have held the Championship, some numerous times, with current Champ Giulia in her second reign.

  • Inaugural Champion  Yuzuki Aikawa (618 days) defeated Yoshiko (July 24th 2011) at Stardom x Stardom
  • Most Reigns – Act Yasukawa (two reigns 234 days and 103 days) defeated Dark Angel (November 4th 2013) at Stardom 100th Commemorative Tournament and defeated Mayu Iwantani (January 18th 2015) at Stardom 4th Anniversary, Mayu Iwatani (two reigns 175 days and 15+ days) defeated Miho Wakizawa in the finals of a four-woman tournament at Shining Stars 2014 (175 days) and defeated Tam Nakano (July 26th 2020) at Gold May 2017 and Io Shirai (two reigns 190 days and 185 days) defeated Nikki Storm at Gold May 2015 (May 17th 2015) and defeated Yoko Bito (November 19th 2017) Best Of Goddesses 2017
  • Longest Reign – Yuzukia Aiawa (618 days)
  • Shortest Reign – Yoko Bito (57 days) defeated Mayu Iwatani at 5* GP 2017 x Champions (September 23rd 2017) 
  • Current Champion – Giulia (16+ days) defeated Tam Nakano at Cinderella Tournament (July 26th 2020)

Goddess Of Stardom Championship

August 2nd 2011, Stardom held a press conference announcing the Goddess Of Stardom Tag League to determine the first-ever Champions. Two blocks of tag teams go face to face, with the winner of the blocks going head to head to fight for the Goddess Of Stardom Tag Championships. BK Hou was the inaugural Champions and Queen’s Quest are the Current Champions.

  • Inaugural Champions –  BY Hou (Yoko Bito and Yuzuki Aikawa) (433 days) defeated Kawasaki Katsushika Saikyou Densetsu (Natsuki * Taiyo and Yoshiko) at Goddesses Of Stardom Tag Leauge (July 27th 2011)
  • Longest Reign – (as above)
  • Shortest Reign – Ho-Show Tennyo (Kairi Hojo and Natsumi Showzuki) (34 days) defeated Kyoko Kimura and Haley Hojo at Cinderella Tournament (April 29th 2013)
  • Current Champions –  Queen’s Quest (Saya Kamitani and Utami Hayashishita) (16+ days) defeated Toyko Cyber Squad (Jungle Kyona and Konami) at Cinderella Summer (July 26th 2020)

Artist Of Stardom Championship

Artist Of Stardom Championship are three separate Championships in; pink, orange and sky blue. It is a tag Championship for three women of the same team, and it was announced at the second year-end event in 2012. Kawasaki Katsushika Saikyou Densetsu was the inaugural Champions and Donna Del Mondo are the current Champions.

  • Inaugural Champions – Kawasaki Katsushika Saikyou Densetsu (Natsuki * Taiyou, Saki Kashima and Yasukawa Yasuto) (155 days) defeated Team Shimmer (Kellie Skater, Portia Perez and Tomoka Nakagawa) at New Years Stars 2013: Stardom Day Of the 2nd Anniversary
  • Most Reigns – Queen’s Quest (held by various members – HZK, Io Shirai, Momo Wantanabe, Viper, and Utami Hayashita) defeated Oedo Tai at New Stars 2017 (January 7th2017), defeated Oedo Tai at Grow Up Stars (April 15th 2017), Hiromi Mimura, Kairi Hojo and Konami at Shining Stars 2017 (June 4th 2017), defeated Team Jungle at Midsummer Champions 2017 (August 13th 20170) and defeated Odeo Tai at Stardom Goddesses of Stars 2019 – Night 1 (November 23rd 2019)
  • Longest Reign – Queen’s Quest (HZK, Io Shirai and Viper) (245 days) defeated Team Jungle (Hiryo Matsumoto, Jungle Kyona and Kaori Yoneyama) at Midsummer Champions 2017 (August 13th 2017)
  • Shortest Reign – Queen’s Quest (AZM, HZK and Io Shirai) (13 days) defeated Kairi Hojo, Hiromi Mimura and Konami at Shining Stars 2017 (May 6th 2017)
  • Current Champions – Donna Del Mundo (Giulia, Maika and Syuri Kondo) (185+ days) defeated Momo Wantabe, Shimi Hayashata and AZM at The Way To Major League (February 8th 2020)

High Speed Championship

Originally, the Championship was a part of NEO Japan Ladies Pro-Wrestling, with Stardom acquiring the rights in 2010. The Championship is meant for fast and high flying wrestlers, Natsuki * Taiyo took the Championship with her to Stardom as well as being its inaugural Champion. AZM is the current Champion and fourteen different wrestlers have held the Championship.

  • Inaugural Champion – Natsuki * Taiyo (138 days) defeated Ray at May History 09 (May 5th 2009) when the Championship was at NEO Japan Ladies Pro-Wrestling
  • Most Reigns – Natsuki * Taiyo (1,200 total days) defeated Ray at May History 09 (May 5th 2009), defeated Kaori Yoneyma at Road To Maniax 2010: OCC League (March 14th 2010), defeated Leon at Stardom x Stardom 2011 (July 24th 2011) and defeated Kaori Yoneyma at Stardom Yearend Climax 2013 (December 29th 2013)
  • Longest Reign – Natsuki * Taiyo (679 days) defeated Leon at Stardom x Stardom 2011 (July 24th 2011)
  • Shortest Reign – La Rosa Negra (18 days) defeated Star Fire at 5* GP 2015 (September 23rd 2015)
  • Current Champion – AZM (16+ days) defeated Riho and Starlight Kid at Cinderella Tournament (July 26th 2020)

SWA World Championship

The title was created in 2016 during Stardom’s European Tour as a flagship for the newly created Stardom World Alliance. The rules for the Championship state, that a challenger for the title cannot be from the same country as the the title holder. Io Shirai was the inaugural Champion and Jamie Hayter is the current Champion, there have been five different Champions.

  • Inaugural Champion –  Io Shirai (64 days) defeated Toni Storm at RCW Presents Stardom Europe (May 21st 2016)
  • Longest Reign – Toni Storm (612 days) defeated Io Shirai at Stardom x Stardom 2016 (July 24th 2016)
  • Shortest Reign – Io Shirai (as above)
  • Current Champion – Jamie Hayter (197+ days) defeated Utami Hayashishata at Stardom 9th Anniversary (January 26th 2020)

Future Of Stardom Championship

For this Championship, you must either be under the age of twenty or have less than two years experience, it gives the Rookies in Stardom something to fight for and it gives them lots of singles opportunities. Starlight Kid was the inaugural Champion and Maika is the current Champion, there has only been three Champions.

  • Inaugural Champion – Starlight Kid (281 days) defeated Shiki Shibusawa at Stardom Dream Slam (March 28th 2018)
  • Longest Reign – Utami Hayashishata (409 days) defeated Starlight Kid at New Years Stars 2019 (January 1st 2019)
  • Current Champion – Maika (26+ days) defeated Saya Kamitani and Saya Lida at Stardom Explode Summer (July 17th 2020)

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